Subject Re: Indexed Views
Author donjules2k
Oh of course generators are supperior, i don't argue that. What I'm
suggesting is usability. Allowing someone to create a column with the
key word "IDENTITY" or "PRIMARYKEY" or anything else and the database
will do the automatic plumbing of creating the generator and trigger.
Hence saving time but still leaving you the option of doing it
manually should you wish.

Likewise for "materialized" / "indexed" views. Create a keyword that
inturn does the plumbing work for you. These two cases are standard
code that everyone has to write time and time again. I think the
addition of this would increase developer productivity and shouldn't
be too much work as you are just calling SQL procedures that already
do the job.


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<m.tonies@u...> wrote:
> > Thanks for this tip very useful and simple idea. As a thought could
> > the engine not implement the keyword "materialized" when creating a
> > view and do this plumbing work in the background for you? In theory
> > shouldn't be too difficult as you are using parts of the engine that
> > already exists.
> >
> > Like wise it would be nice t label a column as IDENTITY and it
> > automaically adds a generator and a trigger for INSERT. Just reduced
> > the amount of manual plumbing necessary.
> Identity is different from generators. Actually, generators (also called
> "sequences" are superior.
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