Subject Re: RFC: Please unify stored procedure execution
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Firebird ODBC driver makes the decision based on presence of blr_send
> verb (correspoding to SUSPEND statement) in stored procedure BLR.
> To avoid parsing BLR directly it invokes pretty printer BLOB filter on
> SP BLR and looks for 'blr_receive' as unquoted word.
> This makes everybody using CALL syntax happy.
> And with some caching you'll need not to invoke pretty printer too
> often. :-)

:)) Ok, this is a solution too. Most likely I will not wait for a flag
in system table, but try the solution you suggest.

Though I still do not understand the reason why EXECUTE PROCEDURE
should work only for SPs that do not contain SUSPEND in their bodies,
and for others one has to use SELECT * FROM syntax. And I still
believe the we would win more customers by removing such quirks from