Subject Re: "object oriented"
Author bruce_bacheller
I personally am not trying to solve the ORDBMS problem.
I definately believe you must first understand the problem before
solving it.
The Object Relational Mapping Tools such as Hibernate etal are useful
in getting RDBMS to talk to Objects and Object Oriented Languages.
But Like I said I don't have a problem doing it myself.
I was only trying to provide the person who asked the question a
resource that might help them.

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> bruce_bacheller wrote:
> >Although Firebird itself doesn't support it you may want to look at an
> >ObjectRelationalMapping tool like Hibernate.
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> What is the problem you are trying to solve? Solutions without
> are a dime a dozen.
> The database world started with the hierachical model. IMS and the
> Datacomputer. The hierarchical model didn't work. People spent a lot
> of time and effort on "network" (aka CODASYL) databases. Cullinane and
> DEC made some money, but they didn't go anywhere. Then there was
> attribute model. Made good slides but very bad software. For a while
> we had fierce competition among the OO database companies. The
> commonality was they all lost a lot of money and the companies all
> died. Then along came Data Blades that made a lot M&E guys really
> but after three consecutive acquisitions, nada.
> Trying to marry concepts is a fool's errand.
> The relational model created a big stir even before Codd's first papers
> were published. The cognizenti saw a clean model that gave developers
> the freedom to make it sing. There are dozen dozens of relational
> products that have met their objectives. The wise people who sat on
> their hands during hierarchical, network, entity-attribution, and
> models jumped in an embraced relational.
> Relational isn't the most expressive model -- the semantic model beats
> it hands down. It isn't the fastest -- it always looses to 80 byte
> packed records. But it is general, malleable, and forgiving. It
> many things well, but not perfectly.
> I've worked on hierarchical (Datacomputer), network (DBMS-11), and
> relational (Rdb/ELN, Interbase, Netfrastructure, and Firebird).
> Relational sings to me.
> New ideas are great. They're exciting and I love them. But please,
> lets start with problems to be solved, not solutions looking for
> problems. Life is short enough.