Subject Re: RFC: Please unify stored procedure execution
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Martin, what problems will we have if we say that IB/FB can not
> return result set from procedures?

You have to make it clear and accept that some class of applications
cannot be ported to Firebird. I believe that Paul Ruizendaal will be
just happy to extend his Oracle-mode to provide such feature :)

> I mean, from standard EXEC PROC?
> How this will affect Java applications, J2EE and so on?

Java does not know EXEC PROC, it knows {call ...} syntax for all kinds
of procedures. If JDBC driver cannot handle correctly this syntax,
that's already a buggy driver and this does not bring any additional
kudos to the complete project.

> It is not hard to comment, that if Java developer want to get
> resultset from procedure, he just need to make simple select
> statement instead of direct procedure call.

Wrong, because JDBC specification tells other things. Telling Java
developers to use SELECT to call procedure with result set decreases
the portability of the application.

If we want the project to succeed, let's make the life of people
migrating to our server easy as much as possible. There's number of
features that people need, and telling "hey, that's your problem" is
not the way to deal with them.