Subject Re: RFC: Please unify stored procedure execution
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Yes, I know. And I know that author of IBProvider (best OLE DB driver
> for IB/FB) says that this is driver-level problem, not server.
> That is another opinion...

Ok, I have read the post by Dmitry Kovalenko. Please, read it again.
He introduced a parameter whether to use SELECT * FROM or EXECUTE
PROCEDURE. JayBird has this property too.

Why I'm not satisfied with this solution? Because this requires
changing source code of the application to set this parameter.
Probably this is ok in Delphi/C++ world, but it is quite unusual thing
in Java world when driver provider claims to be JDBC compliant. If
there is no standard OLEDB interface for procedure call, this is
problem of OLEDB provider. JDBC has this and inconsistency in
procedure calls in Firebird prevent me to implement the specification
without extending the JDBC.

Is Java wrong? I doubt. People doing Java were doing connection pools,
object-relational mapping, etc. in production when Delphi/C++ devels
were just discussing this possibility.