Subject Re: Firebird and XML
Author johnson_dave2003
At the risk of sticking my nose in where it isn't wanted ...

XML is mainly useful in database transactions for transferring data
between databases that are not necessarily similar, transforming data
retrieved from a relational system or systems, or as an intermediate
data from for conversion to a reporting or display system such as an
HTML browser display.

Support for XML is a trivial piece to write in Java. There is no
reason for a database engine to encapsulate XML support when
off-the-shelf free tools such as xalan, xerces, and jdbc can be tied
together trivially to support XML against any dbms back-end.

Oracle and MS-SQL's XML support is (in my not-so humble opinion),
essentially a marketing ploy targeted at executives but has little
real-world meaning.

--- In, Jim Starkey <jas@n...> wrote:
> bruce_bacheller wrote:
> >So am I correct in interpeting that the Firebird Architects group has
> >a prejudice against XML or am I missing something ?
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> >
> To prejudice at all. Just a general negative reaction to pop religions.