Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] INSTEAD OF
Author Paulo Gaspar
That smells like Oracle influenced references...

Paulo Gaspar

Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>I've been looking at the 1999 and 2003 standards - actually
>asking Acrobat to look for me - and can find only one
>reference to the INSTEAD OF with regards to triggers.
>Does anyone have a pointer to the section that defines
>instead of trigger, etc.
>This table would consist of 8 columns (instead of
>the 7 columns in the existing TRIGGERED_COLUMNS base
>table). 3 columns to identify the Catalog, Schema,
>and Name of a Trigger. 4 columns to identify the
>Catalog, Schema, Table, and Name of a Column. 1 column
>to indicate whether the named column is an explicit
>UPDATE column (specified in the <trigger column list>
>of an UPDATE <trigger event> of this trigger), an
>explicit "Contained" column (contained in the
><triggered action> of this trigger), or an "Implicit"
>column (implicitly referenced because it happens to
>be a column in the subject table of an UPDATE Trigger
>specified without an explicit <trigger column list>).
>This 8-th column could also be used later to identify
>other kinds of column usage that may be the basis of a
><trigger event>, e.g. SELECT (if triggers are extended
>to SELECT actions), or the actual column (or columns)
>that get updated by an INSTEAD OF trigger.