Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Counter proposal to Temporary tables
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 00:45:36 +0000, Paulo Gaspar wrote:

>Hi Ann,

>Maybe not since the cordless mouse, because:
> - I prefer optical mouses with a wire;
> - SQL Server temporary tables preceed them.

>Well, THEY call them temporary tables. If you rather call them
>"dynamic collections", than that is what I want:
> - I want those "dynamic collections".
> =:o)

Me too....

>I repeat: those things were the ONE feature I miss from SQL Server.

Here, advocacy for a future port from MSSQL to Firebird here passes
through(order of priority):
1- SQL between databases (SPs also)
2- Dynamic collections (MSSQL-style temp tables)
3- High capacity of executing multiple transactions without a read
blocking a writer