Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Counter proposal to Temporary tables
Author Paulo Gaspar
Hi Ann,

Maybe not since the cordless mouse, because:
- I prefer optical mouses with a wire;
- SQL Server temporary tables preceed them.

Well, THEY call them temporary tables. If you rather call them
"dynamic collections", than that is what I want:
- I want those "dynamic collections".

I repeat: those things were the ONE feature I miss from SQL Server.


Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>>I did not know you enjoyed so much to make your life harder.
>If we're going to implement a feature that's part of the SQL
>standard, we should do it the way the standard specifies. From
>your earlier messages, I'd guess that you're advocating Sybase
>and MSSQL "temporary tables", which may be the greatest thing
>since the invention of the cordless mouse, but they're not
>part of the standard. Call them "dynamic collections" and
>use language that's not part of the standard, and I'll stop