Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Counter proposal to Temporary tables
Author Jim Starkey
Aage Johansen wrote:

>Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> >> ...
> >>With "conventional table" one will need well-behaved clients who won't
> >>read/change or otherwise muck around in data that doesn't belong to them.
> >
> >
> > If one revokes the select/insert/update/delete rows from table and grant
> > it to the filtered view, there isno chance to one user see others data,
> > or mess up with them.
>As each new connection will use a new "connection identifier", one will
>need to create a new view for each connection. If so, this will be messy.
If Nickolay implements connection attributes, one view will suffice for
all users. The only piece necessary is something to set the connection
attribute with a unique value. I don't see any reason that a generator
wouldn't do the trick.


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