Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Table partitioning
Author Lester Caine
Jan Radl wrote:

> Why i want it ? In case of lot of inserts in one table from dozen of
> clients, partitioned table increase performance due to paralel write to
> this table. If table is not partitioned the write processes are lock
> each other because of write to the same part of disk (db space).

Following on from Ann's answer - Firebird has no need to bodge things in
this way, these sorts of insert are not blocked simply because the
engine does things right already. As *I* understand how things work.

There are lots of requests for 'performance enhancements', but many of
them simply do not apply if the underlying structure is right. This is
one reason that requests to 'access the database file directly' are
counter productive. If you leave the engine to do the work it will do a
better job than trying to tell it what to do. In most cases. There are
areas where help is needed, but that is what FB2/Vulcan is addressing ?

Lester Caine
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