Subject Config Files
Author Jim Starkey
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>Offtopic: Does your config file allow something like <include
>/home/someuser/firebird/db.config/> to include configs from user homes
>in case of an ISP? (I just try to think whether user will have a
>possibility to change that value for his own databases).
Yes it does. There is a general include statement that translates
$(INSTALL) (the installation directory) and $(ROOT) (the installation
directory, the translation of an environmental variable, or a declared
root). The server can be started with an explicit configuration file
name, otherwise looks for $(ROOT)/server.conf. A client looks for an
environmental variable for a config file name, the local directory, then
$(ROOT)/client.conf. Both $(ROOT)/client.conf and $(ROOT)/server.conf
include a database.conf (to define local databases) and a vulcan.conf
(which defines providers).

So yes, the whole idea is that different people/groups will be
maintaining config files for their respective corners of the world that
include the system config files that describe the installed software.
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