Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature Request: Domains in SP &
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Hi Martijn,

> > 1) FB 2.0 introduces default values for procedure parameters, and
> > obviously stored in system-generated domains. In this case my typeof()
> > suggestion doesn't match the semantics, while BASED ON still may be
> > But, to provide the same level of functionality, BASED ON should use
> > domain
> > defaults. We cannot use BASED ON <MY_DOMAIN> DEFAULT 'QWERTY', because
> > there's no place to store 'QWERTY' except domain MY_DOMAIN which may
> > already contain another default value.
> Do as RDB$RELATION_FIELDS does -> add a column to
> RDB$PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS to override the domain
> default. If it's FB2, the ODS is allowed to change, right?

Doable. Should the engine store the default value for "A INT = 1" in
RDB$FIELDS or in RDB$PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS then? You may say that only
overrides of the existing domains should go to RDB$PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS, but
I may object that system-generates domains are the existing ones with the
not-specified default value being overridden ;-)