Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature Request - Encrypted Stored Procedures
Author Jim Starkey
Simon Carter wrote:

>>It could be. Any idea on how the security plug-in could get
>>the decrypt key?
>There could be a standard key defined in the default security plug-in for
>general use, *if* users wanted to overwrite this then they could provide a
>new security plug-in with a new key or add a new chained plug-in which
>overrides default behaviour by providing a new key.
Hey, there's a great idea here. Anybody who want to ship encrypted data
ships a security plug module (shared library) containing the decrypt
codes for that data. Toss it into the config file somewhere in the
daisy chain. When it sees what it protects, it decided whether this is
legit or not, and if so, decrypts. The plugin isn't part of Firebird so
it doesn't have to be published. It, I suppose, look for some sort of
licence file or certificate about the data.

Somebody should take this idea and flesh it out.

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