Subject Re[2]: [Firebird-Architect] blobs causes table fragmentation.
Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, Dmitry!

Monday, October 4, 2004, 3:19:10 PM, you wrote:

>> The problem is how at what level this flag would be defined ? At table,
>> database or server level ?

DY> At the table level.

At least at the database level.

>> but how this value would be set by developer ?

DY> This is hard question. I don't have any ideas except extending DDL. And I
DY> believe Dmitry proposed a header page flag just because he doesn't have any
DY> good idea either ;-)

right now we have another database-level flag "no_reserve".
Thinking about for what table to set these flags or not
will be difficult to remember and understand. Setting this
at database level is much easier :-)

DY> switch to Oracle then. This is another side of the coin. Personally, I see
DY> no problem in having more config options or more complex DDL/DML as long as
DY> (a) sometimes they does really useful job and (b) they're optional.

Of course this parameters are not for server-level, as Yaffil's
win32_disable_file_cache. At first we can add header page flag,
than if it will be needed, add DDL extention for CREATE/ALTER table
for example as many table config options in Oracle, as you wish.

Dmitri Kouzmenko