Subject Re: Gpre, Jdbc, and a Modest Proposal
Author paulruizendaal
> System wide SQL statement cache. Ann is arguing for normallized
> SQL statements with single spaces in place of arbitrary white space
> and uniform capitialization. It's hard to argue against what is not
> more than an hour of work, but I don't believe it will buy much but
> domestic peace.

Normally, I would side with Ann: 80% of application programmers are
habitually sloppy. However, upcasing may be more than 1 hour of work
if you want to cover non-ascii identifiers.

You may want to look at the QString class from Trolltech's Qt
library. It is GPL, does clever ref counting and can upcase unicode
strings; it has codecs for a variety of other nchar encodings. But
then again, perhaps you have had quite enough advice on string classes
in the dev list :^).