Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: UTF-8 vs UTF-16
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello, Peter !

It is not called. But it is implemented for several character sets and
defined in charset API. So making it work should not be difficult.
David Schnepper may finish his great work... ;)

>> BTW, don't you remember that Firebird already
>> implements UCS2 charset under name UNICODE in standard
>> fbintl.dll ? It should already have all problems
>> including efficient on-page data compression solved.

> Sorry, I'm less than four months looking at FB. From
> my incomplete knowledge I assumed, it is not meant for
> use a database storage charset, as
> - it is not made accessable by gdb$character_sets
> - there is somewhere a warning about sensitivity
> to endianness.

In fact, I also develop FB for only about a year.
But code is very clean and easy to read now (as compared
to FB1).

Test it. End evaluate sensitivity of endiannes.
My memory reminds me that UCS2 strings may have
introducer string to indicate endianness.
This issue needs to be analysed. Anyway, adjusting
endiannes is a matter of adding a couple ifdefs.

Try to enable it in RDB$CHARACTER_SETS or ask David
what is the purpose of mentioned charset.

In fact, I'm not very interested directly in this issues now (but
I was interested in WIN1251 charset and fixed a couple tweaks
in it). It is not so hard, I think you may fix it yourself in
any case.

> Peter

Nickolay Samofatov