Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Chicken & egg problem
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza
At 02/08/2003 18:39 -0400, Jim Starkey wrote:
>Ann Harrison wrote:
> >Blas Rodriguez Somoza wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >> Could gpre optionally use a *.gdl file instead of the database? If it
> >>is possible then it seems the build don't need existing databases to run
> >>and the only needed seed are gdl files.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >Gpre is currently set up to run against those header files you want to
> >generate as part of the build. Gdl is a nice enought data definition
> >language, but decidedly non-SQL. Updating that language and processor
> >to handle new constructs is a waste of everyone's time. Relations.h,
> >Fields.h, etc. are the seed for a completely bootstrap build.
> >
>More to the point, when GPRE (my very first C program, predating the
>engine by two months) is precompiling module for internal use, it
>generates BLR with ids rather than names. While GPRE knows how to
>assign ids from the include file, they aren't architecturally
>controllable from the data definition language.

It seems I don't understand gdl use. :-(

For what I'm talking about the only thing needed is some text file format,
that contains the database relations definitions, that gpre can read
instead the real database, and that could be used to generate the metadata

This means to have all the metadata definition in one text file, and that
is what I suppose gdl can be used for.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza