Subject RE: Re[2]: [Firebird-Architect] HEAD branch and ODS changes
Author Leyne, Sean

> This doesn't solve any of the problems. Currently, Firebird
> allows you to copy database file and use this copy on the
> same machine. This databases will have the same UID.
> We have original database name in database header now
> and it is no way worse than UID.

A solution to this problem is to have store the UID's database name in
the database along with the UID. If the name of the current database
doesn't equal the name in the database, the engine could generate a new

> This is really unlikely to get invalid database without error using
> incremental restore. Incremental backup header contains SCN
> of previous
> level backup and it is checked before restore. I can also add
> check for
> original database name to reduce chance of corruption caused
> by restore operator error even more.

But doesn't prevent the occurance where two database coincidently have
the same SCN values, then it would be possible to trash a database by
restoring the wrong backup.