Subject Re: Google-like scoring in databases
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> But let me throw it open. Most of the people on the list have
> probably been into the IBPhoenix knowledge base which is implemented
> in Netfrastructure. How would you rate the hit scoring on that
> site?
> Have you been able to find what you were looking for
> reasonable near the top of the search list?

Some results:

- IBPhoenix, "Search Web Site", search phrase "blob seek", result set
(81 result) does not contain document "NAME=ibp_stream_blob" where Ann
provides example of using stream blobs an seeking within them. Google
query "firebird blob seek" puts this document on the first place.

- IBPhoenix, "Search Web Site", search phrase "stream blob" puts above
mentioned document on the 4th place. Google with phrase "firebird
stream blob" puts it on the first place. Interesting enough, searching
for "firebird stream blob" on IBPhoenix gives us 447 matches, and that
document is on the 78th place.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy