Subject Re[3]: [Firebird-Architect] ORs in Where statement
Author Daniel Rail
Hello Doug,

Thursday, June 12, 2003, 10:36:23 PM, you wrote:

DC> At 6/12/2003 08:08 PM (Thursday), Daniel Rail wrote:
>>- Complete evaluation is sometimes convenient when one operand is a
>> function with side effects that alter the execution of the program

DC> This is poorly stated. By definition "side effects" do not alter the result
DC> of the expression evaluation (what I think you refer to as "the execution
DC> of the program") but they can nevertheless be important. If I wrote a UDF
DC> which logs execution somewhere I think would want it called wherever I used it.

It's not my thinking and wording. It's the definition that I found in
Delphi's help, word for word. And, reading the statement properly, it
does refer to a function, and in Firebird's case it would be a UDF, as
in your statement. I haven't thought of that scenario.

And, you were able to change my mind in keeping the option to turn it
the complete boolean evaluation back on, if required. It probably
would be even better if the option can be defined at the database
level which would override the default configuration found in

Best regards,