Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] ORs in Where statement
Author David Garamond
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>and can't come up with any scenario where subsequent OR
>>conditions could override a preceding True...
> I completely agree! Would suggest that this be dropped in the v2.0
> release.

Of course

True OR (anything...)

will always still be True. This is not about determining final truth
value, but about side effects. I used to remember that they have an
option like this in Turbo Pascal (and perhaps still do in Delphi).
Sometimes when a programmer writes:

if (x=1) and (someFunc(x)=2) then begin

he expects someFunc() to _always_ be evaluated, no matter what the value
of x is. someFunc() might do stuffs that have side effects. In these
cases, complete boolean evaluation makes a difference.