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On Friday 04 April 2003 14:43, Paul Schmidt wrote:


> how should, for example a stored procedure deal with XML?

How ever it [the developer] wants, it all depends on what the document
contains, and what you want to do with it. I can think of a number of ways
of how I would use it, and they are bound to be different to other peoples,
but as XML is a 'standard', it won't matter.

> I
> would think that for storing XML a BLOB or text field would be
> sufficient,

It is, and can be done now.

> as for processing XML, that's different, the database is a data store,
> XML is a data store,

XML _can_ be a datastore, but I rarely use it for that

> It would
> make more sense for the client to explode the XML into separate
> database columns and store those, as a table.

It would, if all you wanted to do is store the data.


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