Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Is Firebird XA compliant?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 07:36 PM 3/13/2003 +0000, rboerdijk wrote:
>Well, that's actually the reason that I'm asking here. I see that the
>JayBird people are implementing XA features in the Firebird JDBC
>driver. But if Firebird was not designed to be XA-compliant, then how
>can you have a remote API that exposes XA features. Isn't that
>something that should be natively supported by the database?

Ah. The firebird two-phase commit was implemented some time before
XA was designed. Jim looked at it a long time ago for Borland
and decided that there was some piece of state missing for XA,
but that it would be possible to implement the MicroSoft alternative.
Of course, now that Firebird is independent, we can look at providing
whatever state is required.

Having just read Nickolay's response, perhaps I'm misremembering...


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