Subject Re: Vulcan: DSQL
Author paulruizendaal
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> > Integrating a PL/SQL byte-code engine into FB is progressing
> > nicely. One of the next steps will be to move the Oracle-style
> > SQL parser to the engine, say as dialect 4.
> This needs some serious discussion.
> The thought of adding another dialect is not terribly attractive to
> me. There may be no other choice, in the end, but it should be
> discussed (here or the dev list).

I'm open to all suggestions. However, I'm not pushing for my stuff to
be included in the main trunk; I'm totally happy to live as a diff,
so to speak.

Still, my (ugly) hacks may help with insights around making the
(D)SQL compiler more modular / plugable; Another project which may
aid generating such insight is thinking through how to build the
engine and gpre of a single SQL compiler codebase. Generating
requests instead of blr for dynamic DML has been advocated by Jim for
a long time.