Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: "Procedural engine" modules
Author Jim Starkey
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>>In the case of java, the data block could contain just the name of a
>>jar and an object.method name. The external handler would start a
>>JVM thread, load the jar and call the method.
>>Good idea ??
>I also need somehow to get database and transaction handle. But I
>think we will be able to solve this problem as long as you stick to
>the interface above. Then this will be JNI issue.
It's a little more complex than this. The Java code needs to be able to
call back into the engine, so some API is needed. I suppose a low level
ad hoc interface could be cobbled together, but JDBC is almost certainly
the right answer. A JDBC implementation requires a layer to map JDBC
semantics into engine semantics (one could be recycled from my ODBC
driver). It also requires a mechanism to synchronize JDBC object
lifetimes with corresponding engine objects/blocks. The work is well
worth doing, but non-trivial, particularly if you're going to "do it right."

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