Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Some info about IB internals given by Charlie Caro at BorCon
Author Paul Beach
> I've already a commit pending which solves this problem.
> That was 1 of the big reasons why GC was slow.

Would be very very interested to hear about it.....

1. > Sounds familar :-)
2. > Sounds familar :-)

> > - Workaround for afd.sys Memory Leak: DUMMY_PACKET_INTERVAL in ibconfig
> > is changing from 60 seconds to 0, disabling dummy packets. SO_KEEPALIVE
> > is still set on a socket but TCP/IP may not transmit this option for
> > hour(s) depending upon its setting in the Windows registry. You can
> > change this, if you like, but keep in mind that it affects all
> > applications, not just InterBase. Since dummy packets are disabled by
> > default in the service pack, the InterBase team introduced a new feature
> > in the performance monitoring tables to allow a keep alive packet to be
> > sent manually. Just execute UPDATE TMP$ATTACHMENTS SET TMP$SSTATE =
> > 'KEEPALIVE' WHERE [some condition] and COMMIT. This sends one dummy
> > packet to each remote connection specified by the where clause but does
> > not continue sending any more dummy packets after that.

3. Sounds familiar :-)

> I remember Nickolay already did something on this.

He / we did - he disabled dummy packets too, i.e. set the default to 0, and
defaulted to the
SO_KEEPALIVE. However we didn't introduce the new feature :-) since we don't
have the performance monitoring tables. So thats original.