Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Hoard Memory Allocator
Author Leyne, Sean

> Yes. There will be minimum contention when we will be adding
> multithreading to FB2.
> I have a plan how to make CS version multithreaded. It
> includes usage of thread-local
> memory pool. It will reduce thread contention to a very small amount.

I think I should point out that:

- Historically, the view has been that the CS architecture should be
replaced by SS, since it has been viewed as the more scalable approach.
Accordingly, you should be prepared for some resistance to a proposal to
replace SS with CS. Before, thinking about the code changes, you should
prepare a high level 'case'/argument for your change -- in the form of a
discussion/white paper.

- CS and SS do not share the same features. SS has a number of features
which aren't found in CS, most notably the Services API. This function
is key/critical to a number of developers/users. So, any proposal to
elimate SS needs to address this fact.