Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Fw: [ib-support] One interesting idea (fixme if I'm wrong)
Author Jim Starkey
At 12:32 AM 9/6/02 +0200, Boguslaw Brandys wrote:
>Interesting I thought about the same.What about records ? They have
>transaction id I think.The idea was not to allow database engine to replace
>old comitted versions of record with new one (and as regard we can have all
>information : new comitted value of record ,old values and rollbacke'd
>versions).As an extend to this idea I think about others:
>1. sweep database could delete also those committed old versions of record
>(remember - I think at user point of view, assume that I'm database admin
>and after users confirm that the day is closed without problems I could
>sweep database)
>2. before making backup ,gbak could save those old versions into some
>internal table in database like You mention ( we can now more options : we
>can rollback database state to previous backup or restore current backup and
>run redo log to rollback to some time after last backup and before current
>3. sweep database could not sweep shadow database which could stand as
>external replica and/or redo log

Guys, garbage collection and sweep don't do what you think. I
suggest you research the archives before you go any further.

Jim Starkey