Subject Re: [Firebird-devel] Re: [IB-Architect] Re: triggers + plans
Author Jim Starkey
At 08:54 AM 5/24/02 -0400, Paul Schmidt wrote:
>Did the person that wrote the changes manage to comment and
>what they did, or is this something that pollutes the entire optimizer
code? In other
>words does anyone know if this is simple surgery or will we need to kill
the patient in
>the process.

I really haven't been in there in any depth for about a decade,
but I would be very surprised if the person who screwed it up
bothered to understand it himself.

Finding the problem should be extremely simple. Take a relatively
simple case of optimizer screw-up and find why it screwed-up.
Until version 4, it worked like a charm. Hint: problem is likely
to be in the area where it considers index walking rather than

Jim Starkey