Subject Re: [Firebird-devel] Re: [IB-Architect] Re: triggers + plans
Author Jim Starkey
At 11:13 AM 5/21/02 -0400, Ann W. Harrison wrote:
>Yes, it's a conceptual problem - the person who added plans ran into
>a problem with triggers and just stopped rather than finding and fixing
>whatever it was that didn't work. At the moment, fixing that bug isn't
>at the top of the list...

<rant type=habitual>

The bug isn't that triggers can't have plans but that plans are
necessary at all. Plans exist for exactly one reason: The
optimizer is broken. If the optimizer worked, there would be
no reason for the inconceivably ughly plan mechanism.

Databases should know more about their internals than their users.
If they don't, the solution is to make the database smarter, not
teach optimization to users.


Jim Starkey