Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: [Firebird-admin] Draft: FB v1.0 Status Update
Author Daniel Rail
At 15/02/2002 06:47 AM, you wrote:
>select cast (-70000 as numeric (18,5)) / cast (1.95583 as numeric (18,5))
>from rdb$database;
>(FB RC2, copy-paste-execute from your mail)
>another windows calculator:
>- 70000.
>/ 1.95583
>are you sure about that bug?

Using a Dialect 3 database, yes it's a bug. I just ran it and got the same
result as Ann did. And, she is right that this problem should be fixed
ASAP. And, I think that FB 1.0 final release shouldn't be released before
it's fixed, because these kind of calculations can happen in a lot of
financial or analytical circumstances. And, it's a bug that shouldn't be
allowed to go any further.

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