Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Borland IB6.5 vs Firbird 1.0 Features
Author Boutwell, George
On 14 Feb 2002 at 18:00, Jim Starkey wrote:

> Don't worry about. Folks here are getting pretty tired about my
> frequent polemics about embedded Java and need the diversion.
> Good luck. But as the original founder, CEO, and architect of
> Interbase, let me suggest a slightly different slant on your evaluation.
> Firebird is a group of honorable, decent folks. Borland is one of the
> very few companies to whom Enron could teach business ethics.

As Sean said... OOOOUCH... And if it where solely up to me We'd have stopped using IB 6.0.1
and been using Firebird RCx on our development machine months ago... I would stick with and
stay with Firebird and until it died if it ever did... But, alas, I'm only an developer and DBA and
only get to evaluate and make recommendations to which management will always laugh at and
never take seriously.... ;)