Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Complex UDFs
Author Jim Starkey
At 02:46 AM 2/6/02 -0000, eumir_camara wrote:
>I'm interested in creating Stored Procedures in a dll similar to how
>UDFs are created. I've read somewhere that UDFs must be limited to
>simple computations. I would like to know why that is the case
>architecure wise and what might need to be done to accomodate my
>requirements. thank you much.

Lest anyone forget, I will put in my traditional plug for Java
as the UDF, trigger, and stored procedure implementation language.
Among other good and valuable considerations, Java runs in a
squeeky clean sandbox.

The problem with hard code is that it is hopelessly insecure.
It's bad enough that badly written code can crash the server.
It's much worse that well written code can compomise security,
export data over the net, capture passwords, etc.

Jim Starkey