Subject Welcoming new FirebirdSQL Foundation members - was ANN: The FirebirdSQL Foundation
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi All

Just a short follow up post to the announcement of the FirebirdSQL

Following approval by the Foundation Management Committee, we would
like to welcome the following new members to our ranks, who through
their contributions will help the Foundation achieve its goals.

Member# Name
#18 Holger Klemt (Germany)
#19 Craig Leonardi (U.S.A)
#20 Carlos Macao (Portugal)
#21 Tobias Giesen (Germay)
#22 Paul Hope (U.K.)
#23 Paul Vinkenoog (The Netherlands)
#24 Philippe Makowski (France)
#25 Marco Antonio Kregar (Italy)
#26 Orlando Cesar Martins da Silva (Brazil)
#27 Luiz Figuerado (Brazil)
#28 Martin Schmid (Germany)
#29 Chris G. Royle (U.K)

There are also currently four more membership applications yet to be

A full list of members is available at:

Further membership applications are most welcome see,

Any interest in sponsorship arrangements are also welcome see,

And for general information about the FirebirdSQL Foundation see,

Remember every bit helps make firebird a better product.

Your Sincerely

The FirebirdSQL Foundation Committee