Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Optimal function of DESC Index versus ASC Index ?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 01:11 PM 11/5/2002 +0100, Paul Reeves wrote:

>Scrollable cursors were implemented a long while ago (ie, in InterBase
>days), but QA was never completed satisfactorily so they weren't turned on.

Actually, the situation is a bit different. Scrolling cursors and
expression indexes (and other things that escape my senile mind)
were implemented and tested for our dBase emulation. It was all
part of the Ashton-Tate relationship. Once Ashton-Tate and
dBase disappeared, so did interest in the features. It's true
that they need testing, but they're in a different category from
the WAL (write ahead log) that was abandoned when problems were
found in testing. There is every reason to think that scrollable
cursors will work correctly.


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