Subject Re: [IB-Architect] trouble with sweep
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: Pavel Cisar
> ... I have no clue if this could be (at least
> partially) solved just by setting the priority for sweep thread at least
> to the level of other threads, ...

This resembles me the problem with priority of console on Windows Server.
Should it be Low (as it is now), or normal (or high) ?
Intuition says it should be low, but
- under normal circumstances nobody works directly on server machine, so the priority does not matter
- when something goes wrong, and some application gets mad and consume 100%cpu,
I am usually not able (due to improperly low priority) to kill it
in less than 15 minutes ! Users connected to that server
are nearly frozen too.

I remember lot of people were pleasured by speed improvement in IB6
caused by extra GC thread. But if you say it does not work
satisfactory under heavy load ...

What about dynamically changing the priority of that thread ?
If the to-do list gets longer, raise the priority ?