Subject Re: IB Clustering (random thoughts and questions)
Author Aage Johansen
David Montgomery wrote:
> ...
> To import data, I can: a) use an external application using IBO to
> perform a series of parameterized inserts, b) use a script file of
> ...
> Option 'A' is INCREDIBLY slow
> ...

Since you are using IBO you should post this part in the IBO-group
( also. Performance is occasionally discussed,
and I think there should be a lot of suggestions on ForcedWrites, indexes,
transaction type, preparing, components used, hardware...

The speed you are seeing is not typical (I think, since you are not
specific here). I recently moved records into an IB database where the
source was another IB database (not a text file) on the same server. This
was run on the server itself, ForcedWrites=Off and no indexes (just a
primary key constraint), The process (Delphi/5+IBO) easily transferred
2000 records per second (declared record lengrh approx 500B). The server
has 2 processors (850MHz) and fast disks (15000rpm) running Win2k (with
mirrored disks), and the processors were not utilized 100% (more like
50-60% IIRC).

Your other problem may be a show stopper, but importing into IB should not.

Aage J.