Subject Re: [IB-Architect] enhancement to procedure/trigger language
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)

We use breaks with prejudice, we normally prefer to have single exit points
of code on while loops.

The thought of having leave a construct and continue executing at a labeled
point seems to encourage poor programming. If I have over simplified it,
sorry, if I haven't I go for break type syntax.

""Ann W. Harrison"" <aharrison@...> wrote in message
> The current language for defining triggers and stored
> procedures is somewhat impoverished in the area of
> loop control. The only way to break out of a loop is
> with an exit, which breaks out of the current loop, any
> outer loops, and the procedure. This leads to wrapping
> procedures in other procedures for flow control. I'm
> generally in favor of small, modular procedures, but
> this seems like an awkward way to force people to simplify
> their code.