Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Use SGI XFS on linux for database file > 2G
Author Paul Reeves
Almond Wong wrote:
> Hello list.
> As the subject specified, is the 2G db file limit is gone when using SGI's
> XFS ? Please advice.

Probably not. There are two file limits to bear in mind.

1/ InterBase has traditionally been limited to a file size addressable by a
32-bit pointer. (Approx 4Gb) The Firebird team have been working on using 64-bit
pointers to allow the size of a single file in a database to grow accordingly.
However, this feature is not widely available or widely tested.

2/ *nix based operating systems do not uniformly support file sizes greater than
2Gb. You seem to imply that SGI has an XFS file system that does. In which case
you could try building Firebird on an SGI box and testing it.

3/ Prudence would dictate that you do not rely on this feature just yet. I
would test it thoroughly before going into production.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further