Subject Re: [IB-Architect] enhancement to procedure/trigger language
Author Ivan Prenosil
> The underlying BLR has a label and leave structure that
> allows the code to break out of specific loop levels.
> What should we use for language? One suggestion is to
> emulate the label/leave model. Another is to use the
> C/Delphi style 'break'.
> Thoughts?

- "label/leave model" is more powerful than simple "break";
if we implement "break", we can end up with crowd crying:
'break is crap, we need label/leave, we need goto, we need ...'

- "label/leave model" is already implemented on BLR level,
so why surface existing functionality only partialy using "break" ?

- because "label/leave model" already works on BLR level,
the impact on compatibility between FB-IB can be acceptable;
database using new label/leave construct in SP/Triggers
can still be backed up and restored e.g. on Borland-IB

- OTOH I hate inventing names for labels, variables, fields, ...;
the greatest advantage of "break" (at least for me)
is that it does not use label :-)