Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: Identifier naming woes
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Ann W. Harrison [mailto:aharrison@...]
> Sent: Jueves 24 de Mayo de 2001 15:48
> You can create a table like this:
> create table "x y z z y " ("adventure " integer);
> ^ 1 space ^ 1 space
> and reference it like this:
> select "adventure" from "x y z z y";
> ^ no space ^ no space
> or like this:
> select "adventure" from "x y z z y ";
> ^ no space ^ 1 space
> but not like this:
> select "adventure " from "x y z z y ";
> ^ 1 space ^ 1 space
> Well, it lacks the elegant consistency I expect from SQL.

Why are you beating my lovely SQL standard, Mom?
Actually, you only have showed YAB (yet another bug) in FB logic when
comparing fields. It seems that someone decided that metd_exact_name would
be called sometimes, not always.

I have a working private FB where your third statement doesn't fail, hence
apologies to Diane for out bitter and biter attitude. The problem is a lack
of trailing space trimming in pass1_field. (I didn't intend to beat you Ann,

I also have changed behavior so that statement you hate (dummy insert w/o
field list) will skip nicely the computed fields. Your request has been

(Life is DYNamic. <g>)