Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Identifier naming woes
Author Ann W. Harrison
dianeb77@... wrote:

>... some of the results might be a
>consequence of SQL string comparison rules. (They bite again?)
>As you know, in SQL...
>Those rules are used in comparing identifier names, as well as in
>comparing regular old data strings, as far as I recall.

OK, under most circumstances, I'm willing, nay, eager, to blame
the SQL standard. This time, somehow, I just can't do it.

You can create a table like this:

create table "x y z z y " ("adventure " integer);
^ 1 space ^ 1 space

and reference it like this:

select "adventure" from "x y z z y";
^ no space ^ no space
or like this:

select "adventure" from "x y z z y ";
^ no space ^ 1 space
but not like this:

select "adventure " from "x y z z y ";
^ 1 space ^ 1 space

Well, it lacks the elegant consistency I expect from SQL.