Subject Re: XML schemas and code generation

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Mauricio Longo

--- In IB-Architect@y..., "Marcelo Lopez Ruiz" <marcelo.lopezruiz@x>
> Hello, everyone.
> I've just started toying for with XML and XSLT, and it seems to me
it would
> be possible to easily create different transformations to generate
code from
> a given database schema. For example, to create
insert/update/delete stored
> procedures, views on joined tables, Delphi forms to work with the
> etc.
> Of course, I would need to create an XML document based on a
database for
> this to work. Does anyone know of standardized XML schemas for
> schemas? It would probably have to be extended to include such
things as
> generators or exceptions, I guess.
> Anyway, all pointers are welcome, and sorry if this is the wrong
list to be
> asking this.
> Marcelo Lopez Ruiz