Subject Re: [IB-Architect] XML schemas and code generation
Author Dave Warnock

> I've just started toying for with XML and XSLT, and it seems to me it would
> be possible to easily create different transformations to generate code from
> a given database schema. For example, to create insert/update/delete stored
> procedures, views on joined tables, Delphi forms to work with the database,
> etc.
> Of course, I would need to create an XML document based on a database for
> this to work. Does anyone know of standardized XML schemas for database
> schemas? It would probably have to be extended to include such things as
> generators or exceptions, I guess.

We have done our own for our VisibleResults application (fundraising
database - licensed under GPL with all tools including XML database
stuff under LGPL, see

We have an xml schema. From this we use java programs to generate the
scripts to create the database (including some triggers, standard
columns, audit tables, indexes etc etc). We also create html
documentation of all the table structures and java source code for
table/row/domain objects. We are working on generating java code for
templates for data entry etc although are finding that a generic
template is generally enough if it uses the meta data well.

If you want to know more let me know.