Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: SQL names for user and role
Author Larry Carter
I have been following this thread somewhat and wanted
to throw out a small idea. If this has already been
discussed in the past then forgive me for the wasted

I don't know what the SQL92/99 spec says, but what
about Directory Services capabilities as a security
level option for Firebird? Base LDAP would probably
be sufficient I would think. This would give users
the option of DB Server level security or DS based
security. Most of the ROLES aspects etc. wouldn't
have to change since we don't neccessarily have to
extend the schema just use it for base authentication
(i.e. OS user level).

I am fairly new to Directory Services with M$ ADS
where I have started but they are way cool. We use
ADS for our authentication to MS SQL Server and I
would never go back to DB level security again.

Just a though.

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