Subject Re: [IB-Architect] planning the use of blr codes
Author Dalton Calford



How bout, Connection_Type (ipx/ip/netbios), Connection_Addr(client mac
or ip addy), Process_ID, database_path, server_addr(mac or ip) as well?

I know, I know, asking alot, but, well, if we are going there.......

(as for the we, point me to the right area of the code and I will pay

best regards


"Ann W. Harrison" wrote:
> A number of people have asked about adding some
> "built-in" values, including ROLE, TRANSACTION,
> My immediate reaction is "you don't need to know
> that," but the statement reminds me too much of
> some operating system developers I've dealt with
> who explained patiently that if I were doing anything
> that required knowing the operating system version,
> I was doing something wrong. So I feel guilty.
> And, of course, there are good reasons for knowing
> the role which have been explained widely. And
> there are legitimate reasons for knowing the transaction,
> having to do with replication. And, for those who
> insist that everyone sign on as SYSDBA, I guess knowing
> the connection is important too. Besides, having lost
> the previous two arguments, I'm already in full retreat.
> So, what would the world think of reserving 174 to
> be blr_user_id. That would take a single blr argument
> which would be one of the set
> blr_user_transaction
> blr_user_connection
> blr_user_role
> ...
> where ... would expand as necessary.
> Thoughts?
> Ann