Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Linked scripts
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Doug Chamberlin [mailto:dchamberlin@...]
> Sent: Martes 10 de Abril de 2001 21:48
> At 4/10/2001 12:21 PM (Tuesday), Helen Borrie wrote:
> >How feasible would it be to provide the facility to link DDL scripts? A
> >question on the IBO list just prompted my memory that I've often
> >considered it would be grand to have scripts that could end {INCLUDE
> >script2.sql} or similar, in order to chain my sets of DDL.
> This actually works in Interbase 5.6 via the INPUT command.

Correct. This command has been in IB for a while, it's just a case of
typing HELP; inside isql!

> However, I have heard from one developer that this no longer works in
> Interbase 6. I have not had a chance to verify the problem but if
> it exists

I can tell you that in my experience, it works. This is the way I ran the
scripts from Dave Schnepper to test his case insensitive collations a few
months ago... and of course I was using IB6 with the isql that comes with
But I haven't tested in a firebird version, though.