Subject RE: [IB-Architect] UDF's
Author Mark Shapiro
>By the very same guys that brought you the "politically correct"
>fiasco. The idea wasn't very well thought out.


>A major problem with UDFs is that they run inside a server. A bad
>(or misunderstood) UDF can crash the server, browse the host OS
>with enhanced privileges, break security, corrupt memory, and so
>on. I don't think most system administrators want to pick up a
>big pile of random code and let it run in the middle of their
> The Java sandbox model works like a charm, but see above.

True - but UDFs written in C don't require the "see above". Most system
administrators I know, who get applications or applets or code snippits or
scripts or whatever from non-authoritative sources, look them over before
installing them anyway.

Just my $0.02 (adjusted for inflation) worth.

Mark Shapiro
Software Engineer
Segue Technologies, Inc.