Subject RE: [IB-Architect] UDF's
Author Mark Shapiro
>is quite different. The existing philosophy, admittedly long in
>tooth, is that various groups or applications with no relationship
>could share a machine, which mandated per database administration.
>This question has been revisited a number of times. I have always
>favored decentralization.

But users accounts are defined on a server-wide basis.. ;-]

>>Cross platform UDF creation for me is a pain. I know at present that
>>the udf's I am writing are required on both linux and windows but I
>>have no idea what other platforms I will have to provide the library
>>on. Allowing udf's to be written in java would completetly alleviate
>>this problem.
>My favorite topic. Not a non-trivial undertaking. The strategic
>question is whether to bless a single JVM or try to support the
>full herd. In theory it shouldn't make a difference...

Actually UDFs have like 0 interface code... A single C source file (or
multiple files if you want to segment your functions in some manner) with
*minimal* conditionals should be able to compile on <INSERT IB-SUPPORTED

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